Tips for Teaching Corporate Yoga Classes

Trinity Grad Update May 2011 This month I have had a few questions from grads on running Corporate Yoga Classes.  It's one of my favorite mediums for sharing Yoga, and if you are interested in teaching Corporate Classes a few ways to get them running are: •    Contact companies directly - usually HR handles workplace wellness programs and has a budget for programs more

DIY Hand Cleanser

Lavender Hand Cleanser Recipe

In Thai Yoga Massage after we have worked on the whole body we come to the neck, head and face (my favorite bit!) and it's nice to cleanse the hands before we touch our client's faces - but as naturally as possible.  So, here is a simple hand cleanser spray recipe that I have found works well to give your hands a gentle clean and a great scent to finish off more

May is for Metta

Yoga Meditation Ayurveda

I have just returned from an amazing three weeks in Melbourne where I shared Core Yoga Instructor Training and Levels 1 & 2 Thai Yoga Massage Training.  It was wonderful to share so much Yoga with people from around Australia and around the world.  Although Core Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage are quite different programs, the thing that they (and all our programs) have in more

Creating Your Own Yoga Workshops

Are you dreaming of sharing more then asana classes? Are you interested in introducing your students to some aspects of Yoga beyond the physical practice? Want to develop your public speaking skills and begin to teach “off the mat”? Why not expand your teaching practice to include workshops and special events? You can follow your own interests and explorations to more