Neck Massage

We have just completed another great Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 training, and each time I teach this program, or give a massage, I notice that there are certain places in the body that elicit a great response in the client with little effort from the practitioner – and Neck Massage is one of those techniques.  Very easy to give, this technique releases the stress and tension more

Dead Leg Drop

This is a favorite stretch for the hips, back, and side of the body.  Ideal for post Pilates, fitness, long hikes, or as a part of the hip opening or restorative sequence in your Yoga practice.  Best practiced when you are warm and joints well lubricated. To Start: Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat and placed on the outer edges of your mat ( more

Using Props in Yoga Practice

There are many ways to use props in your yoga practice to support your body, enhance technique, deepen your postures, and experience deep relaxation. Most commonly used props include blankets, straps, and blocks/bricks, and even if you don’t have the yoga-fied version of these props, you can usually find something around the house that will work. Blankets more

Thai Yoga Massage Practice Questions Answered

Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 Sunshine Coast web

Practice Refinements for Sanuk and Knee to Shoulder I have recently had a few questions from a Thai Yoga Massage grad that I thought others might like to hear the answers to: Sanuk  Q: I'm working on a polished wood floor and when I slide into Sanuk, the side mat that my foot is on keep sliding around.  I need the side mat for my knee more

Sole Walk

Sole Walk

This Thai Yoga Massage technique  is really easy to give and is most delicious to receive.  The technique involves walking on your receivers feet, and it brings relaxation to the whole body.  To begin, have your receiver lying face down on a soft but stable surface like a few yoga mats or blankets, with both of you either in socks or bare feet.  Set their more

Hip Pretzel

Hip Pretzel Glut Stretch Core Yoga

The muscles of the buttocks/gluteal region are many and varied and include the large ‘gluts’ as well as smaller, deeper muscles like piriformis which help to move and stabilize the pelvis.  For some, these muscles can become troubled by excessive movement, trauma, or postural habits.  This can occasionally become a problem for some people; causing back pain, hip pain, more

Living At Your Desk

Becoming conscious of how we move, hold, and express our bodies is an essential step in lifelong health, and in workplace safety. Observing the tendencies in your body to tighten, tense, or hold awkward positions is an exercise that takes minimal time and energy, but has a maximum payoff. To improve your posture, enhance your performance, and decrease your stress level at work, more

DIY 5 Minute Spa

Has stress got your forehead wrinkling, your jaw clenching and your shoulders perpetually shrugged to your ears? Chronic stress does more than deepen worry lines and tighten tense shoulders. Chronic stress is a main contributor to issues like overweight and obesity, emotional eating, sleep disorders and social anxiety. As well, chronic stress is a contributor in serious more

Day To Day Detox

The most natural purification is one that is done with respect for the bodies' natural processes.  Colonics, intense cleansing/fasting, nasal irrigations and other powerful cleansing tools are best used with the help of a trained professional.  Ayurvedic doctors, naturopaths and Chinese medical practitioners can be helpful allies in your quest for detoxification and more