Vinyasa Flow Distance Education Course – Online Education Package

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Vinyasa Flow Online Yoga CEC Course

Vinyasa Flow is a mind-body movement practice that combines dynamic flow, strengthening and stretching techniques, conscious breathing, mindful awareness, and relaxation in a comprehensive practice that will improve strength, stamina, balance, mobility, posture and body awareness while reducing tension, stress, and poor postural habits.

Suitable for the general population, Vinyasa Flow can be modified to meet the needs of a wide range of participants and in a wide range of environments. Suitable for fitness, yoga and Pilates studios, private sessions and group classes, for elite athletes and older adults, this practice can be adapted to meet varying levels of fitness, balance, and body awareness.

Since 2006 Yoga Trinity has delivered successful Vinyasa Flow Instructor Training programs to yoga teachers and fitness professionals in face-to-face trainings, and we are now making this program more accessible with a Distance Education module including an online training course or a correspondence training course. We are enthusiastic about continuing to bridge the gap between fitness and yoga, and make continuing education training more affordable and accessible.

It is our aim that when you complete this program you will be able to clearly demonstrate each movement, guide the general participant safely through a balanced sequence of techniques, and instruct simple breath-work exercises. As well, we encourage each Vinyasa Flow instructor in demonstrating the philosophies of Vinyasa Flow in their practice, and professional and personal interactions.

Course Details:


Who Can Study Vinyasa Flow?  Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Pilates Instructors, and Mind-Body Movement professionals.

How Long Will It Take Me to Complete the Program?  Approximately 40 hours.

Would you prefer to have both the digital (downloadable) materials and the hard copy program materials shipped to you?  Check out the Vinyasa Flow Distance Education Package


What is Included in this Downloadable Program Package?


  • Trinity Vinyasa Flow Workbook (105 pages) Downloadable PDF
  • Trinity Vinyasa Flow Live Class video (75 minutes) Downloadable Video
  • Trinity Vinyasa Flow Pose by Pose video (44 techniques) Downloadable Video
  • Documented Practice Teaching Forms Downloadable Word Document
  • Multiple Choice Assessment Downloadable Word Document


Areas of Study


• Technical Study: 44 Techniques; Pose by Pose Study, Breathwork, Guiding Relaxation.
• Theory and Methodology: Cuing and Correcting, Regressions and Progressions, Helpful Props, Special Populations, Practice Guidelines, Marketing and Managing Group Classes.
• Anatomy and Physiology: Vinyasa Flow Anatomy Basics.
• Philosophy: Foundations of Vinyasa Flow, Five Core Concepts, How We Teach, Code of Ethics.
• Practicum: Teaching Group Sessions including physical postures and breathwork.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Get CPDs/CECs for completing the program?

  • Yoga Alliance 40 CPDs
  • Yoga Australia 40 CPDs
  • Fitness Australia 15 CECs.

If you belong to another yoga or fitness organization, speak to them directly about using this program towards continuing education credits.

Can I teach right away after this program?

If you are already a registered yoga, Pilates or fitness professional yes you can teach right away under your current professional cover. If you do not carry certification as a yoga or fitness professional, you will require a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training or your Certificate 3 in Fitness before you can teach professionally. For details on current standards visit or

How is the Program Assessed?

There is a multiple-choice written assessment as well as a practice teaching element. The practice teaching is self-assessed – this means that you find some volunteers and practice teaching 5 Vinyasa Flow classes with a variety of people, and then go through the practice teaching journal to self-assess how things went ie: what flowed, what didn’t flow, what needs more practice, and what was your volunteer’s feedback.

How Can I Use This Program?

You are welcome to teach this sequence as it is instructed in the course, or blend the movements into any mind-body movement class, private training session, or movement training session. There are no rules about how you can use this program, no ‘set choreography’, and we welcome you to use your knowledge, experience, and creativity with Vinyasa Flow to create balanced and effective programming for your clients.

Are There Any Ongoing Fees?

No, there are no licensing fees, no ongoing costs, and no certification renewals required for this program.  Download, save, and keep all your study materials including videos and training workbook.

Is this Program a Yoga Teacher Training?

No, this program is a continuing education program for those who have a background and certification in movement instruction. If you wish to become a Registered Yoga Instructor, a face-to-face training of a minimum of 200-hours is required. For details see our Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training, or visit or

Program Policies


• There is no required timeframe for completing the program – work at your own pace – but we recommend completing the coursework, practice, and practice teaching within a four-week period to ensure best learning and retention.
• Downloads take approx 20 minutes for each video, however depending on your internet speed it may take up to 2 hours.  If a technical issue exists you can upgrade to the Distance Education Package and have the course materials shipped to you for an additional $20.
• Once the program package has been received, the program is non-refundable.
• If you choose not to complete the program, you may not transfer the program certificate to another person.
• If a student does not complete the coursework with a passing grade of 80%, they are able to retake the assessment at any time.
• Certificates are awarded only after receipt of all coursework including practice teaching journals and completed course assessment.


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