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Yoga Pilates Meditation Online

Upskill and Earn Educations Credits with Fitness Australia, Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance.

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*ends July 1 Time to add to your teaching?  Update, upgrade, and upskill with online yoga-based education.

New Intake Online Yoga Teacher Training

New Intake Online Yoga Teacher Training

300-Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Delivered Online

Due to the stay-at-home guidance, our membership bodies Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance have approved online/adapted trainings so that you can study from home and still become a Registered Yoga Teacher. Our first Adapted Online Yoga Teacher Training went ..read more

New Adapted Online Yoga Teacher Training

New Adapted Online YTT Program May/June Now Taking Registrations


Our upcoming program has been adapted to an online module including live video, recorded audio, study guides and more.  Dates TBA for May/June 4 weekends.   Get the details here or Contact Us..read more

A Message on Covid-19 and Teacher Trainings

Hello Teacher Trainees and Teaching Assistants, I am writing today with an update on our upcoming teacher trainings, and in particular to address any concerns you may have about the coronavirus (COVID-19).  I understand that you may have specific questions about the training, and how to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe. To let you know about our effort..read more

Congratulations Canberra Yoga Teacher Trainees

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Canberra

Congratulations Yoga Teacher Trainees

Congratulations to these amazing yogis for completing their 12-day Vinyasa Flow Intensive. They have shown such wisdom, curiosity, compassion, and of course metta. They are all off now to complete their Online Studies, and then bring their unique teaching to their communitie..read more

20% Off Online Courses Extended

20% Off All Online or Distance Education Courses

Extended to Jan 20, 2020

  I've had a few requests from folks who didn't have time to place their orders before our 20% OFF coupon expired, so I've extended it to Jan 20! If you are looking to;
  • explore yoga-based movement practices like Vinyasa Flow, Core Yoga, Sun Salutations or Mind Bod..read more

2020 A Hopeful New Year

2020 A Hopeful New Year

It’s not been a Happy New Year for most of Australia, and not here in Canada either for us as we watch the land we love smothered in fire and smoke.  I’ve spent the last week tied to my phone every afternoon reading the news and hearing from friends and family about what they are going through, and this week of course was the worst. It’s..read more

Save 20% On Continuing Education

Save 20% on ALL Yoga Online or Distance Education Courses

Upskill and Earn Up Credits with Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance, and Fitness Australia Time to add to your teaching? Update, upgrade, and upskill with online yoga-based education. Study online with video, lesson plans, study manuals, and ongoing support.

Turning Chores Into Play

I’m a person who likes to have a system for things.  I run my business with schedules and checklists, I plan years in advance, and operate the day-to-day and year-to-year with as much efficiency as I can.  I do the same in my domestic life; I like an organised house. I’m soothed by having ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.  I like to count things; ..read more

14th Year of Yoga Teacher Training

I'm in the midst of my 14th year of yoga teacher training, but every course is like the first course.

June 2019 Update

Greetings from Canada! It's been an eventful month here in Canada as we settle into our new routines and get ready to settle into our new home.  If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you..read more

8 Ways a Hand Towel Can Support Your Yoga Practice

8 Ways a Hand Towel Can Support Your Yoga Practice

A simple tool for your mind-body movement practice

Props are a great way to support and enhance your practice, but props can be costly, especially if you are buying for a whole class.  As a teacher, lugging around bricks, bolsters, straps, mats, and blankets can get tiresome, fill up your car, and, keeping ..read more

Core Yoga Slow Flow

Core Yoga Slow Flow

Check out this month's IDEA - International Association of Fitness Professionals - newsletter for a sweet Core Yoga Slow Flow that you can add to your yoga, Pilates, or mind body movement practice or classes.  Core Yoga blends the precision of Pilates and the flow of Yoga for a mindful movement practice that will challenge your Core, enhance flexi..read more