Love Your Feet – Foot Care Tips for Happy Feet

I have received a few emails in the past few months from students and teachers on the subject of the feet, and thought we might begin a discussion of this important part of our anatomy.  The feet are the most distant part of our anatomy to where we usually "reside" in our minds, and thus they can often be relegated to a position of little importance.  That is, until they more

Mat Cleaning Spray Recipe

Have you smelled your mat lately?  Does it have a distinctive "eau du toe"?  Particularly for students who have a dynamic, sweat-producing practice, your mat needs a regular clean.  If your mat is losing it's stickiness, it is starting to smell, or hasn't been cleaned in a while, you might consider at least giving it a good wipe-down with a cleaning solution, if not a good more

Is Soy Really Good For You?

There has been a lot of debate lately about the health and safety of eating soy and soy-based foods.  In the early 90's soy was touted as a super-food that would lower cholesterol, prevent breast cancer, eliminate hot flashes, and ensure a fountain of youth.  But, like all food trends that promise a "magic bullet", soy has been pulled off its pedestal, and lately this food more

What To Do With Your Old Yoga Mat

Have you recently upgraded or replaced your old yoga mat and not sure what to do with your old, faithful mat?  Yoga mats are handy around the house, the car, the garage and the shop to prevent slipping, soften hard surfaces, and provide cushioning.  A few of my clients with handy partners have even found that their mat is slowly dissected even when they are still using it! more

Why So Many Downward Dogs? The Benefits of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Students have occasionally wondered, in making the transition from a more restorative Hatha Yoga practice to a more dynamic Vinyasa Flow practice, why do we have to do so many Downward Dogs and Chaturangas and Upward Dogs…why is the practice so physically challenging and how is that form of Yoga valuable over a more relaxing and “stretch-focused” practice? The answer more

Expect the Unexpected

I recently was at a party and we were discussing the latest films in theatres. I was really excited to hear about Avatar and Up in the Air, I had not yet seen either movie but was looking forward to. One guest spoke very highly of both films and my eagerness to see them was ignited. But then another guest reported that he was disappointed in Avatar, and further disappointed more

Quick Yoga Fixes

Yoga is a deep and rich experience of body, breath and awareness, but sometimes the depth of our practice is hindered by slippery palms, niggling aches and minor discomforts that keep the awareness from moving deeper into the joy of the present-moment focus that our asana practice delivers.  Here are a few "quick fixes" to allow you to experience the depth of your more

A Non-Negotiable Practice

Hello Friends,
I trust that this email finds you travelling well in life and in practice wherever you are in the world. I have just returned to beautiful Ontario, Canada, after a wonderful journey from Canberra to Port Douglas – travelling about 3,500km of the Australian coastline. I had a fantastic time sharing Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and our more

Home Study; Inspiring Your Practice and Your Life

Time is the most precious resource we have in this busy age, and can often be the most significant factor when we are considering developing our practice and exploring our personal growth. And so often time is the reason that we put off taking a course, booking a retreat, or even getting to a regular yoga class. These days, our needs have been seen and met with an more

The Water Footprint of Food

This month’s newsletter seems to be all about food, but in fact what I wanted to speak about in this piece is water. In Australia the use and availability of water is an ongoing dialog of concern and conservation. For me, being from a country where fresh water is seemingly in endless supply, I have had to learn to adjust many of my habits to conserve the precious more

Why Do We Do Asana?

What is Yoga? Do you, when you think of yoga, conjure up an image of a class where you do exercises, stretches, and focus on your breathing? Well this is one part of yoga, and for most of us the most accessible and practical form of Yoga. But, is this all there is to Yoga? And for that matter, why do we do asanas (postures) at all?
Yoga has more

Make Life A Ceremony

Get up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work. Work. Drive Home. Gym. Yoga. Dinner. Play with the kids. Pay the bills. TV.  Bed. Get Up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work...
Do you ever get the feeling that you are on a treadmill? That days, weeks, and months pass while the aspirations that are so close to your heart remain unrealized year after year until more